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Tuesday 6th May

Back in after the Bank Holiday on what feels like the first day of summer. Spent the day setting up the Egypt at the Manchester Museum blog, refining the Manchester Museum – Ancient Egypt Facebook Group with my volunteer Shawn, and arranging to talk to the Youth Board at the Museum on Saturday about the plans to redevelop the galleries. We’re half way through a year of research and consultation, and have begun to collate the results of the public consultation days we held in March and April. In addition to these events, we are talking to schools, specialist and cultural groups, students and academics to see what they want froma set of new galleries on ancient Egypt. Feel free to post your thoughts on displaying Egypt in museums on this blog.

Stopped by the comments board on the Afterlife Gallery to see what people think of the newly covered mummies – some rumbles of discontent there…

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The Egypt galleries at the Manchester Museum

Tarkhan reed coffinThe ancient Egypt galleries at the Manchester Museum are the most popular of all galleries in the Museum. Visit during school termtime and you will find groups of eight-year olds posing as hieroglyphs (!) or learning about the life of the temple singer, Asru; visit at the weekend and you will find the galleries full of families, interested amateurs and specialists. The galleries display, amongst other things, the tools and personal belongs of the pyramid builders of Kahun, perfectly preserved for nearly 4,000 years, and the complete tomb group of the Two Brothers, of around the same date. The galleries were designed and installed over 20 years ago, and plans are afoot to completely redesign them, together with the Archaeology gallery above on the mezzanine, and present a new set of galleries on the Ancient World…

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Covering the mummies

Asru, coveredLast week, the unwrapped mummy of Asru, and the partially wrapped mummy of Khary, and the loaned child mummy from Stonyhurst College, were covered. The covering was carried out in order that the human remains be treated with respect and to keep the bodies on display in line with the Manchester Museum Human Remains policy (http://www.museum.manchester.ac.uk/aboutus/reportspolicies/fileuploadmax10mb,120796,en.pdf). The covering of the mummies coincides with the opening of the year-long exhibition of Lindow Man: A Bog Body Mystery (http://www.museum.manchester.ac.uk/aboutus/ourpractice/lindowman/), where the Museum has interpreted the bog body through the opinions of seven individuals involved with his discovery and analysis.

All decisions relating to human remains at the Museum are made by the Human Remains Panel, and not by individual curators.




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