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Friday 9th May – Project Team meeting

Shell amulet with the name Senwosret in the cartoucheWe had a Project Team meeting this afternoon, where the core staff working on the gallery redevelopment project met to catch up on how the research year is coming along. The Project Team consists of myself as the Egypt/Sudan curator, the Curator of Archaeology, Bryan, the Exhibitions Designer, Jeff, the Finance Manager (very important!), Louise, the Head of Development (fundraising), Steve (equally important!), the Head of Learning, Pete, and the Curator of Community Exhibitions, Andrea. We discussed ideas that have come up at the various consultation events that have taken place, and how to maintain relationships with everyone who contributes. It will be impossible to include all the ideas in the final gallery spaces, but they will all be incorporated into a report which will be made available to all participants, and hopefully published on the Web. In addition, many ideas may come to fruition as events or virtually in the associated webpages.

My two expert volunteers came in to catalogue the Egyptian amulets that are going back on display. Workshop have made the stand, Conservation are in the process of mounting them, and I just need to write the text.

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