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Curator’s diary, Friday 20th June

Scorpion amuletA busy week at the Museum preparing materials for forthcoming events: Bug Day tomorrow (June 21st, 11am-4pm), where I will be showing ancient Egyptian bug related artefacts (scorpion amulets, faience fly necklaces, relief carvings of bees etc.) next to the real thing; the Ancient Egypt Summer School, taking place at the KNH-Centre for Biomedical Egyptology and the Manchester Museum next week (23-27 June); and developing a handling collection for the gallery, which will be run by the Museum volunteers.

We also had a number of meetings related to the gallery redevelopment, where we discussed a potential Egypt and Africa day, looking at Egypt from the African viewpoint, and began to investigate funding sources for the gallery redevelopment.

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June 16th – Covering the mummies, update

Mary Shaw, one of the previous Egypt collection assistantsThe Human Remains panel met last week and recommended a number of proposals for the display of the Egyptian human remains. The recommendations will be tabled at the next Museum management (Strategy) meeting for approval. The proposal is that the human remains on the gallery will be displayed in a number of different ways (covered, partially covered,  wrapped and uncovered) and, over the course of a year-long consultation, museum visitors will be asked to state which method they think is most appropriate.

Please come to the Museum and state your thoughts and preferences; images of the display methods will be posted on this site for those who cannot make it to the Museum.



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The Bedouin Jerry Can Band at the Manchester Museum

Bedouin Jerry Can BandBedouin Jerry Can BandBedouin Jerry Can Band The Bedouin Jerry Can Band (  performed in front of the Manchester Museum on Monday this week (9th June), in glorious sunshine. As you can see from the photos, they brought a splash of Egyptian colour to Manchester.

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Covering the mummies – curator’s update, Monday 2nd June 2008

The Director of the Manchester Museum, Nick Merriman, at the staff Director’s Update in the Museum this morning, reported on the ongoing response to the covering of the three unwrapped or partially unwrapped mummies on the gallery. The response to the covering, on the gallery comment cards, in the media and on this blog, will be taken on board and the Museum will shortly decide its next step in relation to the display of these mummies. The covering of the mummies had been intended to stimulate the debate and discussion surrounding the display of human remains, and in this it has been very successful.

In response to Peter Robinson’s request for further information on the response to the covering of the mummies, the information will be fed into a consultation report which should be available towards the end of the year. The report will be made publicly available.

All developments will be posted on this blog for further discussion. Many thanks to all of you who have constributed so far, your comments have been very welcome, interesting and useful.


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