Curator’s Diary, Tuesday 25th November 2008

Decorated predynastic pot from Naqada

Decorated predynastic pot from Naqada

I have been up and down the country over the last two weeks, giving seminars at Swansea University, in London at the EES, and at Cardiff University (this coming Thursday), discussing curating Egyptian collections, gallery redevelopments, and the ethics of displaying Egyptian human remains. At the EES event on Saturday, ‘From Excavation to Exhibition’, Dr Ashley Cooke, the Keeper of Antiquities at the Liverpool World Museum, also spoke about the history of that museum’s collections and the new Egypt gallery which is due to open in December this year.

When at the Museum, I have been working on the first version of the consultation report for the propsed new Archaeology and Egyptology galleries (due to open in 2012, if all goes to plan!), which will form the basis for parts of the gallery content development next year, as well as supporting the fundraising application, stressing the need to overhaul the existing galleries.

I have also just about finshed repacking the Predynastic pottery from Naqada, and will now move on to the Predynastic pottery from other sites, which form much smaller groups. One of my volunteers is in the process of uploading images of the Naqada Predynastic pottery to our collections database, and these will be available to view through the web version of the catalogue:

This Saturday (29th November) we are hosting an event for the Manchester Sudanese community, who are coming in to discuss the Egypt and archaeology galleries and collections, and take a tour of the stores.

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