Curator’s Diary, Monday 23rd February 2009

Servant girl grinding grain

Servant girl grinding grain

I’m just back from a meeting with Dr Ashley Cooke at the World Museum Liverpool where we talked about the reception of the new Egpt gallery – over the half-term week last week the gallery was receiving 7,000 visitors a day so he must have done something right! A week or so ago I gave a talk to the Wirral Ancient Egypt Society who have a good series of talks lined up for anyone who is interested – details of the next one are listed in the ‘Events’ thread on this blog. On Saturday I gave a talk to the newly formed North East Ancient Egypt Society, in Durham, which was a successful first meeting, and open to anyone in the NE interested in ancient Egypt.

The image in this post is one taken by a researcher of the servant girl model on display in the Afterlife gallery. A number of researchers have been working on material held in the collections, including papyri from Oxyrhynchus, objects stamped with the cartouches of Hatshepsut and Tuthmosi III, and Seth-related artefacts. My volunteers have been busy cataloguing predynastic and protodynastic sherds, animal mummies and Byzantine period artefacts – thanks Scott, Steph and Anthi!


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