Curator’s Diary, Monday 1st June 2009

We have had to close the Death and the Afterlife Gallery for approximately two weeks. This

Taking the coffin lid out of the case

Taking the coffin lid out of the case

is because the replica of the Kyrenia ship, which hangs above the gallery, has become a little unsafe, and the decision has been taken to construct a scaffold to support the boat. The scaffold will go up next week, and this will allow visitors to walk through the gallery again, although some parts of it will remain off-limits until the future of the boat is decided. Jenny and Abby from conservation, Susan, the Curatorial Assitant, and myself, spent the morning emptying some of the cases of the most fragile objects so that the scaffolding could besafely installed, and then the technicians came in to move the large case holding the coffin lid that stands right under the boat.


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One response to “Curator’s Diary, Monday 1st June 2009

  1. Gary

    Glad to see it will be re-opened. There was me thinking that the mummies were being covered up!

    Will be back to see the Death and Afterlife gallery soon. 🙂

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