Curator’s Diary, Friday 26th June 2009

I have been away from the Museum a fair amount over the last few weeks so it has been good to spend the week catching up. One of my volunteers, Trillion, has

Roman glass bottle from Antinoe

Roman glass bottle from Antinoe

completed the reboxing and record photography of the glass collection that we moved into the Egyptology inorganic store from Archaeology a few weeks ago. The collection includes the Roman period bottle from Antinoe to the right, as well as many glass fragments and inlays from Amarna. Another of my volunteers, Anthi, is working through the collections of amulet and inlay moulds, reboxing, photographing and cataloging them.

We had a project team meeting on Thursday to discuss ongoing plans for the redevelopment of the Egypt and Archeology galleries, which will be referred to as the Ancient World galleries – watch this space for further information, and links to the Ancient World gallery development blog, soon to go live!

I will be at The British Museum on Monday giving a presentation on The Manchester Museum and The Whitworth Art Gallery to the curators on the International Curatorial Training Programme.


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