Curator’s Diary, Tuesday 7th July 2009

We are hosting four curators on the British Museum’s

Coptos crown of Ramesses II

Coptos crown of Ramesses II

International Curatorial Training Programme for ten days in Manchester, half the time at the Museum with me and half at the time at the Whitworth Art Gallery. The curators are Joyce and Aba from Ghana and Hayam and Hesham from Egypt. They arrived on the train from London yesterday lunchtime, and Manchester has welcomed them with a downpour ever since!

Today they did short presentations on their jobs and professional interests, and then had meetings with Museum staff to discuss our InTouch volunteer programme, using new media such as Twitter, Flickr and blogs, the new Manchester gallery, and the work of the joint academic-university appointments, in particular the Online Certificate in Egyptology, run by one of our joint appointment staff, Joyce Tyldesley.

I will upload photos of their stay shortly. In the meantime, here is an image of crown from a statue of Ramesses II, from Coptos, on display, recently photographed for a researcher.


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