FIlming Asru at The Manchester Museum

A German film crew have been in the Museum this week, filming the mummy of Asru with

Moving Asru from the gallery

Moving Asru from the gallery

Professor Rosalie David for a short film to be shown in October on German TV, and also to make footage for a longer film on phramacy and medicine in ancient Egypt, showing how the analysis of mummies can help us find out more about life in ancient Egypt. On Tuesday evening, we removed Asru from her case and took her out of her coffins. She spent the evening in Conservation, and the following morning was transported to the KNH-Cenre for Biomedical and Forensic Egyptology where examples of types of analysis were filmed and Professor David talked about her work. Asru was returned that afternoon and reinstalled in her case. Today, the crew filmed in the Herbarium, looking at plants from ancient Egypt that would have had medicinal purposes.



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2 responses to “FIlming Asru at The Manchester Museum

  1. Good to see the museum getting some exposure. Wish this was airing in the US, I’m quite interested in the topic of forensic Egyptology. Hope it turns out well.

  2. I don’t think that this is a good way to move the mummy from the coffin to make analysis and investigations or other media stuff like filming or footage,they should apply special procedures to keep the mummy safe,according to my knowledge and during my work at The Egyptian Museum in Cairo i participated with team work that deal with mummies and there were a special way we do to carry out the mummy to satisfy the it’s obvious from the photo that the team are handling it by pare hands!!!

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