Curator’s Diary, Wednesday 7th October 2009

We hosted the Egypt in its African Context event at The Manchester Museum last weekend, 3-4

Egypt in Africa: a Sudanese cat on excavation

Egypt in Africa: a Sudanese cat on excavation

October 2009, and heard papers from scholars from the United States, Nigeria, Spain and the UK, discussing the African cultural aspects of ancient Egypt, with much hearty debate. The event included a wine reception and a screening of the documentary film by Louis Buckley, Nubian Spirit: The African Legacy of the Nile Valley. Many thanks to all the delegates for making it such a successful and illuminating event. We filmed some of the key speakers, and will make some of the footage and images available in due course.

Term has started here at Manchester University,  and I and other staff have been involved in tours and teaching sessions in the Museum, making the collections available as much as possible to students and staff. The documentation of the Egypt collection has also continued, with volunteers Trisha and Rachel working on the Roman Period lamps. Research projects are beginning, examining the characterisation of faience and kohl, amongst other things.

Outside the Museum, in my role of chair of the Egypt curators Subject Specialist Network, ACCES, we ran a seminar of managing archive material related to archaeological collections at the office of the Egypt Exploration Society in London on Monday – the letters, photos and note books from excavations provide an invaluable resource for undretsanding the collections housed in musuems today.

And tomorrow we interview designers for the redevelopment of the Egypt and Archaeology galleries (to be known as the Ancient World galleries) – all in all, a busy time!


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