Curator’s diary, Friday 6th November 2009

I’m back in the office after two weeks in Egypt taking a lecture tour round all the major sites. The group of 22 people, myself and my wonderful guide, Hesham, visited the sites at Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel and in and around Cairo. It was very hot indeed, hitting 42 degrees at Abu Simbel, but the group kept on despite this, and everyone had a wonderful time. Here are some images taken on the tour – the middle one is of me with my guide, Hesham.

The group on a sunset felucca ride at LuxorMe with my guide, Hesham, at the Step Pyramid, SaqqaraThe smiling Hathor columns on the birth house at the temple of Philae

Since getting back into the office, I have been getting on top of research enquiries into Predynastic pottery, funerary stelae and Old Kingdom tomb lintels. In addition, I have continued with a series of Introduction to Ancient Egypt lectures for the MSc students on the Biomedical and Forensic Egyptology course at the KNH-Centre, and prepared teaching sessions for the Archaeology Department on the ethics of displaying human remains in museums. I also met with Dr Bill Manley, a senior curator at the National Museums Scotland, to discuss our ideas for the development of Egypt content for the Ancient Worlds Galleries – NMS are planning to redevelop their Egypt galleries over the next five years. This coming weekend will be dedicated to completing a conference paper for publication, and then beginning to think about preparing a paper to be delivered at a conference to be held at the Horniman Museum in November, on curators and communities, discussing the subject of authority in relation to museum exhibitions and content.

Next week I will be in London on Friday for an Egypt Exploration Society committee meeting, and the heading up to Edinburgh to give a lecture on Saturday to the Egyptology Scotland society, entitled ‘Art, Sex and Death in ancient Egypt’,at 2.30pm at the Augustine United Church, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EL (

Have a good weekend!


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