Curator’s Diary, Friday 8th January 2010

Happy New Year!

This is the first week back in the Museum after the break, with the snow closing Manchester University on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and temperatures registering as low as -17 degrees overnight last night!

At the Museum I have been working on the content development for the Ancient Worlds (Egypt and Archaeology) galleries. For Egypt, our current approach is to look at different periods and subjects of Egyptian history and culture through the eyes of contemporary individuals, for example, Egypt in the Late Period through the eyes of the temple singer, Asru – what her life would have been like and what was happening in Egypt and the wider world at this period. Some of the gallery development team, myself included, are travelling to Amsterdam next week to meet

Byzantine Period lamp (40745)

the designers, Opera, and take the content development a step further. We will also visit some museums to get inspiration for different interpretative approaches.

Collections work continues on re-storing the 700 or so lamps dating to the Late period-

Islamic Period, and catching up with enquiries on metalwork and objects from Deir Rifeh and Amarna.

I was due to give a lecture for the Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society tomorrow but the weather has forced it to be cancelled, hopefully to be rescheduled at some point. On Saturday January 16th I am talking to the Leicester Ancient Egypt Society at the New Walk Museum, 2pm, on the gallery redevelopment plans.


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