Curator’s Diary, Thursday 4th February 2010

I have been getting on with some collections work in the last few days, in order to sort and pack groups of objects that are transferring from the general Archaeology collections into Egyptology. This material includes lamps dating from the Late Period to Islamic Egypt, terracottas, and lithics. This week I have worked on sorting and packing the lamps (as you can see in the picture), which were photographed last year by volunteers. Dr Lisa Maher from Cambridge University spent some time last week looking at the Predynastic lithics, and I also had a visit from Dr Amin Benaissa from Oxford University to look at one of our papyri.

Work on the Ancient Worlds (Archaeology and Egyptology) galleries continues. Last Saturday we had the first meeting of the focus group, representatives from various difefrent community and interest groups who took part in the general consultation in 2008. The group will meet every few weeks to assess and discuss aspects of the content and design work. On Monday we had a day with a primary school, St James, looking at various aspects of the Egypt and Archaeology collections and getting some idea of their perception of the collections and what we should do with them – a lot of fun!

Term has started, so I have been meeting up with students involved in project work and Egypt-based long essays. Tomorrow evening I am giving a lecture to the Huddersefield Archaeological Society on ‘Royal Cities and Workers Settlements’ – the material from Kahun, Amarna and Gurob in the Museum’s collection.

And then it’s the weekend, have a good one!


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