Curator’s Diary, Wednesday 10th March 2010

We have been preparing material for the designers working on the new Ancient Worlds galleries (replacing the current Egypt and Archaeology galleries), who are a firm called Opera based in Amsterdam. They are creating sections of each of the three new galleries in detail, to submit to the Heritage Lottery Fund at Stage C of the application process. The designs so far look great, and it looks like we will be able to display more material than we have on the current galleries, as well as include lots of digital and audio resources.

I have also been working on a loan of Egyptian material to the Herbert Museum and Art Gallery, which is hosting a temporary exhibition called Secret Egypt: Unraveling Truth from Myth. The curator, Chris Kirby, has already secured loans from the Ashmolean, the British Museum and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, amongst others. The exhibition will take place from February to June 2011, and then may tour to two additional venues.

My volunteers Tricia, Rachel and Jo have been working hard on the lithics this week, photographing and documenting them, in preparation for re-storing them in a new cabinet. There are some amazing examples of stone tools which are coming to light as we go through them. I have been continuing with the sorting and packing of the predynastic pottery, and have completed the provenanced material. The next stage will be to sort through the unprovenanced material, looking at excavation numbers, if there are any, to see if the pots can be matched to sites and excavations.

Next week is a busy week: Monday in Oxford for an ACCES Egyptological Archives seminar, Wednesday in Bristol to give a lecture to the Bristol Ancient Egypt Society ( and Thursday in London for a meeting at the Egypt Exploration Society.


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