Curator’s Diary, Saturday 17th April 2010

It’s been a while since I have posted a diary update on the blog, so apologies for that. One of the reasons is that I went to Cairo at the end of March for the five year anniversary seminar of the British Museum International Training Programme, which brings curators and other museum and heritage workers from (principally) Africa and Asia to the UK to train for six weeks every summer. Manchester Museum, along with the Whitworth Art Gallery, is one of the partners, and we have been hosting visiting participants for two years. It was an excellent few days in Cairo, with two days of papers from participants recounting their experiences during and since the programme, and visits to the Giza pyramids, the Citadel, the Coptic Museum and the Textile Museum. It was great to be able to meet up with last year’s participants, Hisham and Hayam from Egypt and Aba and Joyce from Ghana. I also took the opportunity to visit the beautiful Ibn Tulun Mosque and the restored medieval house, Beit el-Sehemi. My pictures are on the EgyptManchester Flickr site, and here are a small selection:

First day meeting outside the SCA offices

Ibn Tulun mosque interior with hanging

Joyce at the Citadel

Citadel interior

I have been involved in two recent appointments in Egyptology in the North West: a new curator at Bolton Museum, and a Project Assistant for ACCES (Association of Curators of Collections from Egypt and the Sudan) – as soon as we receive official confirmation I can announce the post-holders. On April 29th we will be having the first committee meeting of EES North, to be held at the Manchester Museum, the newly configured northern section of the Egypt Exploration Society. Part of the meeting will be dedicated to organising events, which will take place in different venues in the north. Some will be repeat events of Doughty Mews hosted seminars, to allow EES members not resident in London to attend them.

The new Egypt and archaeology galleries continue to develop, with a meeting in Amsterdam this coming Thursday to discuss content in-depth. We met with the HLF, the major funder, last week and had very positive feedback.


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