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Curator’s Diary, Thursday 22nd July 2010

We have been hosting two curators from the Beijing Palace Museum in China, Sun Yue (ceramics specialist) and Xu Jing (exhibitions). They came to Manchester for ten days, spending half their time at the Whitworth Art Gallery and half their time at the Manchester Museum, as part of the British Museum’s International Training Programme.

Liverpool day out

Here you can see us all at the docks in Liverpool on Saturday – from left to right: Sun Yue, me, Heather Birchall from the Whitworth, and Xu Jing on the far right. Also in the picture are two intrepid Iraqi curators on the same training programme who were based in Lincoln, who decided to visit the North West for the weekend, and came with us to Liverpool. Due to popular demand we visited The Beatles Story, had a quick whizz round the Tate, and stopped off at the Lambanana before ending the day at the World Museum. Sun Yue and Xu Jing have returned to London now to finish their programme at the British Museum.

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Egypt Exploration Society online shop open for business

The EES has opened an online shop to purchase its publications, with discounts for members: (or

Egypt Exploration Society

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Curator’s Diary, Friday 9th July 2010

Yesterday and today (8th and 9th July) the Museum has been hosting the conference Museums and Restitution, organised by the Centre for Museology and Chimera at the University of Manchester. I sat in on the session this morning on the issues surrounding the repatriation of the Parthenon Marbles from the British Musuem, which included a very interesting paper on Greek people’s attitudes to the restitution, looking at the contrast between emotional and logical responses. The programme can be found here:

Yesterday I was at the University of Warwick giving a seminar as part of the week long summer school, Theory for a Global Age: The Place of Africa ( ). I spoke on the presentation of Egypt as an African culture in museums in the UK, relating the work we have done here at Manchester through consultation and the conference last October (2009), Egypt in its African Context. My colleague, Sally Ann Ashton, Senior Keeper of Antiquities at the Fitzwilliam, gave a paper on her work teaching Egypt as Black History in prisons. We had a very lively discussion of the issues and attitudes relating to re-framing Egypt as an African culture.

At the Museum my focus recently has been editing the proceedings of the Egypt in its African Context conference, and I hope to complete this over the summer. I  also have a new team of volunteers, all students of the Liverpool MA in Egyptian Archaeology, who are helping to complete the documentation of the lithic collections.

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ACCES Ancient Egypt and Sudan workshops 2010-2011

Over the next year, ACCES (the Association of Curators of collections for Egypt and the Sudan, UK) will be running free practical workshops for non-specialist curators in three areas of Egyptian/Sudanese collections. These will be held at three different venues across the UK and will take the form of half-day events, lasting from 1pm until 4.30pm, including a break for tea and coffee.

The three workshops will be:

DISTRIBUTION LISTS (how Egyptian/Sudanese objects were divided between museum collections after they were excavated and how this information can be traced and used today) on Thursday 4th November 2010 at the offices of the Egypt Exploration Society (EES) in London.

OBJECT MARKS (the types of objects which carry excavators? markings and what information these marks provide) on Friday 7th January 2011 at the Garstang Museum, University of Liverpool.

IDENTIFYING FAKES (addressing the problem of forged Egyptian antiquities, recognizing the tell-tale signs of fakes versus typical/genuine Egyptian pieces) on Friday 6th May 2011 at Norwich Castle Museum, Norwich.

To register your interest in attending any of the workshops, please email Campbell Price, ACCES Project Assistant  ( Places will be limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Places are only available to ACCES members – joining ACCES is free, please let  Campbell know if you would like to join. For further information on ACCES visit:

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