Curator’s Diary, Thursday 22nd July 2010

We have been hosting two curators from the Beijing Palace Museum in China, Sun Yue (ceramics specialist) and Xu Jing (exhibitions). They came to Manchester for ten days, spending half their time at the Whitworth Art Gallery and half their time at the Manchester Museum, as part of the British Museum’s International Training Programme.

Liverpool day out

Here you can see us all at the docks in Liverpool on Saturday – from left to right: Sun Yue, me, Heather Birchall from the Whitworth, and Xu Jing on the far right. Also in the picture are two intrepid Iraqi curators on the same training programme who were based in Lincoln, who decided to visit the North West for the weekend, and came with us to Liverpool. Due to popular demand we visited The Beatles Story, had a quick whizz round the Tate, and stopped off at the Lambanana before ending the day at the World Museum. Sun Yue and Xu Jing have returned to London now to finish their programme at the British Museum.


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