Curator’s Diary, Tuesday 7th September 2010

The round of summer conferences is coming to an end. The week before last I returned from the CIPEG (the Egypt section of ICOM)

In the garden of the Archaeology Museum in Florence

conference, held in the beautiful Tuscan town of Montepulciano over the weekend of the 19th-23rd August, organised beautifully by Dr Franceso Tiradritti. I gave a paper on the proposed Egypt and Archaeology gallery redevelopment at The Manchester Museum. Representatives from Egypt collections large and small from all over the world attended (the Louvre, Turin, the Met in New York, Brooklyn Museum and so on), and we enjoyed a trip to the Archaeological Museum in Florence where the Egypt collection is housed. This coming weekend is the British Egyptology Conference at the British Museum, organised by the EES, UCL and the British Museum (

Last Friday we held the ACCES AGM in London, and made plans for the coming year. ACCES is the Subject Specialist Network for curators of collections from Egypt and Sudan, which aims to disseminate expertise to non-specialist curators of Egypt collections in the UK – there are around 200 Egypt collections in UK museum and only 16 subject specialists in post.

This week and next I have two Archaeology students on placement, photographing the Predynastic pottery and uploading the images to the collections database. The Predynastic pottery collection is very good and has been little studied, so hopefully this will encourage researchers to come and look at it. And on September 20th it’s Freshers’ week, and we go in to teaching again!


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