Egypt Exploration Society: Amelia Edwards fund

The Egypt Exploration is launching the second round of Amelia Edwards projects this Autumn. The Amelia Edwards projects are small scale research and excavation projects with clear outcomes. Information on the last round of projects can be found here:

This year the Amelia Edwards fund will support the exciting work in Tell Mutubis and Tell Basta. As in previous years, the projects will be monitored and clearly defined, allowing donors to keep track of the progress made on site and to see the difference that their contribution has made. This year Vicky, the new EES Development Director, will be on hand (and on the end of a phone) to give verbal updates on the projects and to ensure that short bulletins from the field directors are received by our donors as the project develops. Further information on the projects at Tell Mutubis and Tell Basta is available here: Amelia Edwards Projects 2010

Support the Amelia Edwards Projects 2010 via the Big Give and your donation could be worth twice as much to us! Get involved today at

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