Egyptian Archaeology job opportunity, Copenhagen

The Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Copenhagen University, is seeking to appoint a fixed-term lecturer in archaeology, specialising in Egyptian archaeology but also able to teach Mesopotamian archaeology in the historical periods. The appointment will be for a period of five months from 1 February 2011 to 30 June 2011.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the co-preparation and co-teaching of three undergraduate courses, preparation and teaching of one course on a graduate student (MA) level, and for setting and marking corresponding exams, as well as some final BA-papers. The courses are (1) Complex Society II-empires and states (thematic oriented course about the 3rd to 1st mill. BCE), (2) Hunter, Gatherer and Agriculture- Neolithisation, (3) Technique, Method and Theory and (4) an MA-level course (Critical Analysis). He or she will also be expected to undertake, as required, any administrative duties that may arise in connection with teaching. Publicly employed academics in Denmark are obliged by law to disseminate knowledge from their chosen field(s) of study: this may, as appropriate, consist of e.g. public lectures, fielding public etc.

 The candidate must have at least a MA in archaeology, but preferable a PhD; and have demonstrable teaching experience from a university. The teaching will be delivered in English or in a Scandinavian language, and proficiency in these languages will be taken into account.

Applications consisting of a cover letter, a CV (including a list of publications) and two academic references should be sent to Dr Susanne Kerner, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Snorresgade 17-19, Copenhagen 2300, Denmark, so as to arrive by 15th December 2010. Applications received after this date will not be taken into consideration.

For further information about the position please contact Associate Professor Susanne Kerner, tel. ++45 35 32 89 10, email: , or Associate Professor Morten Warmind, tel. ++45 35 32 91 94, email: .


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