A Night at the Museum!

The Museum of Museums at the Trafford Centre, Manchester, currently showing the Tutankhamun: His Tomb and Treasures exhibition (http://www.tutankhamunmanchester.com/), will be hosting an evening of Egypt-related activities for all ages on January 27th 2011, 5-12pm (last entrance, 10pm). The evening will include the following

  • a signing by Terry Deary, author of the Horrible Histories series
  • object handling of Egyptian objects from The Manchester Museum
  • a bar and food provided by Couture
  • a £10  prize draw, with prizes including a copy of Zahi Hawass’ book A Secret Voyage (which retails at £2500!) and a holiday to Egypt
  • Music and dancing
  • free transport from The Manchester Museum to the Museum of Museums

Proceeds form  the evening will go towards supporting the redevelopment of the Egyptian galleries at The Manchester Museum.

Tickets are £8 (adult)/£4 (child/student)/£20 (family), available from the exhibition website or from the box office.

Watch the website and this space for further information!


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