Hello, my name is Campbell Price and I am the new Curator of Egypt and the Sudan. I took over in November from Karen Exell, who has just taken up a teaching post with UCL in Qatar. Previously I was the Curatorial Assistant for the Garstang Museum of Archaeology at the University of Liverpool, where I completed my PhD in Egyptology at the beginning of 2011. Between May 2010 and May 2011, I also worked as Project Assistant for the Association of Curators of Collections from Egypt and Sudan (ACCES), a role line-managed by Karen at Manchester.

My undergraduate and masters studies were in Egyptology at Liverpool, where I developed a focus on material culture. I undertook an AHRC-funded PhD on the function of non-royal statues during the Egyptian Late Period (c. 750-30BC), examining a partially unpublished corpus from the Karnak Cachette. My research interests focus on how the ancient Egyptians interacted with objects such as statues, and how modern experiences – especially in museums – affect our perceptions. Egyptian culture during the First Millennium BC is of particular interest to me, and I worked with Karen on the interpretation of material from this period for the new Ancient Worlds galleries.

I am also the Director of the Glasgow Museums’ Saqqara Geophysical Survey Project, the only mission active in Egypt from my native Scotland. The team uses a range of geophysical techniques to map subsurface features at Saqqara, one of Egypt’s most significant religious sites throughout the Pharaonic period. This work has revealed many previously unknown structures, and improves our understanding of the sacred landscapes created at Saqqara.

Since starting at the end of November I’ve hit the ground running at the Museum, where work on the Ancient Worlds redisplay is well underway. I’m very excited by the prospect of redisplaying such a rich collection and am taking every opportunity to get to know the objects, their history and ways of bringing them to wider audiences. More posts about everything Egypt (and Sudan) will appear here soon.


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6 responses to “Hello!

  1. Looking forward to hearing more from you, Campbell.

  2. Congratulations again Campbell. Wishing you every success for your future projects.

  3. Joyce Tyldesley

    Welcome to Manchester, Campbell: the Certificate in Egyptology students and staff look forward to working with you.

  4. Kim Blagden

    Wishing you success in your new post. Looking forward to innovative ways for displaying the ancient collection

  5. Becki Dignam

    Congratulations! As a certificate student I second Joyce’s comment! All the best!

  6. Glynis Greaves

    Hello again, Campbell! As Joyce and Becki have said, we on the Certificate Course look forward to working with you, and those of us in the Manchester area are really excited about the new galleries. Very best wishes.


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