Liverpool Ancient Worlds Summer School – Book now!


30th July – 10th August 2012, University of Liverpool.

Study Latin and Greek Language, Egyptian Hieroglyphs (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced), Sanskrit and Akkadian

Egyptology Summer School (30th July- 3rd August): ‘FROM AMARNA TO DEIR EL-MEDINA: NEW KINGDOM RESEARCH AT LIVERPOOL’

This week will comprise individual presentations by lecturing staff and associates on their current research. As well as making their cutting edge discoveries accessible to you, you will attain a detailed knowledge of this period of Egyptian history. Topics to be covered include excavations at a fortress of Ramesses II, new scientific research into Tutankhamun’s life and death, insights into the ancient tomb robbery trials, geophysical surveys at Saqqara, Nubian culture, and lots more. As much of this work is ongoing, you’ll have a privileged look at this unpublished research.

Speakers include: Professor Chris Eyre, Professor Mark Collier, Dr. Violaine Chauvet, Dr. Roland Enmarch, Dr. Glenn Godenho, Dr. Ian Shaw, Dr. Steven Snape, Dr. Joyce Tyldesley, Dr. Bob Connolly, Dr. Ashley Cooke and Dr. Campbell Price.

For more information on the summer school, visit the Liverpool Ancient Worlds website.

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