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An excellent update by Lynsey Halliday on her work on our 19th Century photos of Egypt

Ancient Worlds

Hello, my name is Lynsey, and I currently volunteer for the Manchester Museum. While reorganising the archaeology reference library, I came across an exciting discovery, a box of photographs of sites in Egypt which I thought were really interesting. Bryan (Deputy Head of Collections and Curator of Archaeology) suggested that I make notes on them with a view to making digital archives of them at a later date. As I worked my way through the photographs it became evident that these were remarkable, beautiful photographs showing historical shots of Egypt in the later 19th century.

The box is full of photographs by photographers such as A. Beato, P. Peridis, J. Sebah, and the Zangaki brothers, who all produced a plethora of images for the tourist market. Travellers with a thirst for all things Oriental could purchase the photographs to take home with them. They could then show their friends and family where they…

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