Event: Gripping yarns – keeping your toes warm in ancient Egypt

Big Saturday Event

Egypt sock

Socks old and new: our example from Roman Egypt (Acc. no. 983) (top) and, below, another knitted by our Curator of Public Programmes, Anna Bunney, based on the same pattern

Saturday 25th February, 2.00-4.00pm 

The Manchester Museum, Discovery Centre

Is this the oldest sock you’ll ever see? Be inspired by the Museum’s 1,700 year old sock from the site of Oxyrhynchus in Roman Egypt and other knitting-related items from the Egypt collection.

Part of the Close Knit series of knitting workshops, in partnership with Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester Art Gallery and Gallery of Costume.

For adults. Free, drop–in.



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2 responses to “Event: Gripping yarns – keeping your toes warm in ancient Egypt

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  2. Except, of course, that those ‘Coptic’ (Romano-Egyptian) socks were not knitted. They were produced by the technique called naalbinding, sometimes confusingly called “single needle knitting”.

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