Great session last week with Birchfields Primary students, who made a selection of a ‘star’ shabti for our new display in Ancient Worlds…

Learning at Manchester Museum



On Friday 6th July a wonderful group of very talented Year 5 pupils from Birchfields Primary School were invited to have a go at quite a challenging lable writing task. We asked the group ‘Can you choose one Egyptian Shabti from our wonderful and varied collection here at the Manchester Museum and write a 75 word label for it?’

The answer, quite unanimously, was yes they certainly could!

It was a very busy day, with lots of decision making and editing throughout their work; the group were very hard working! The class worked in small groups working their way through the selection process and then choosing the best descriptions from within their groups. Our curator of Egyptology, Campbell Price, was on hand to offer further insight into what the Shabtis were and explain a little bit about where this label will be displayed in the Museum.

We were all really…

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  1. This is what museums should be about. not just stuffy places with artifacts behind glass, but getting a second generation interested in Egypt by actually seeing antiquities close up well done Manchestor

  2. Campbell@Manchester

    It was a really rewarding session – and just wait until you see the label the group wrote for their favourite shabti(s)!

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