MAES lecture: Dr. Robert Morkot, ‘Abu Simbel: Exploring and Understanding the Temples’

Monday 10th September 2012, 7:45pm, Days Inn, Manchester

The first lecture of the Manchester Ancient Egypt Society programme for 2012-13 will be Dr. Robert Morkot (University of Exeter): ‘Abu Simbel: Exploring and Understanding the Temples’

The temples of Abu Simbel are amongst the most famous and recognisable of Egyptian monuments. This is largely due to their relocation during the UNESCO campaign of the 1960s. However, they have been icons of ancient Egypt since the first European encounters with them in the early 19th century. Nevertheless, overawed by the architecture and engineering, the actual purpose and meaning of the temples are rarely considered. In this talk we look at the early travellers and their ‘discovery’ of the temples, and then explore the location and purpose of these spectacular creations.

£3.00 for members or £5.00 for non-members

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