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Great blog by Nicky on our woodworking session with Geoff Killen on Saturday

Seshat's Journal

As advertised on the Egypt at the Manchester Museum blog today we had a chance to see Dr Geoffrey Killen demonstrate how ancient Egyptians would have made their wooden items.

Dr Geoffrey Killen began by explaining a little bit about the tools used by the ancient Egyptians. For example: their saws were both similar and very different to our modern day ones. On a modern saw the teeth are set in both directions whereas the ancient Egyptian version would have all teeth pointing in the same direction. As a result you’d have to correct it constantly to make sure you get a straight cut. Correcting would be necessary anyway as they were not strengthened at the top. Also, the teeth would point backwards (meaning the backwards movement would do the actuall cutting) as opposed to the forward pointing position of modern saws.

He also showed how the chisel worked. The…

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