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A superb round-up of our first hieroglyphs study day at the Museum yesterday

Seshat's Journal

Yesterday I spent the whole day at the Manchester Museum for a Museum Meets event titled Every object tells a story – What do hieroglyphs mean?.
This was an event where anyone could learn a little bit about hieroglyphs: how did they evolve, what do they mean and even to learn to read them a bit.

The event was meant for anyone, whether they know hieroglyphs or not. I have been trying to learn them for a few months now through various books and a few study days and I have to say I found yesterday’s event extremely useful. My best friend, who was kind enough to join me, has barely scratched the surface, but could also easily keep up. In that respect the day was a huge success.

In the morning Dr Campbell Price (Curator of Egypt and the Sudan at the Manchester Museum) gave a lecture on…

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