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Curating Ancient Egypt at the Manchester Museum

A short piece I wrote for the Vancouver SSEA


We are grateful to welcome Campbell Price, Curator at Manchester Museum in England, to tell us about what it is like being a curator of an Egyptian collection. Please make sure to visit the Museum’s website to learn more about its Egyptian collection.

The Manchester Museum holds one of the UK’s largest collections of objects from ancient Egypt and Sudan, and one that is in many respects among the most important in the world. The core of the collection, which contains a total of over 16,000 objects, comes from the pioneering excavations of William Matthew Flinders Petrie – the ‘father of Egyptian archaeology’. One of Petrie’s main individual sponsors was Jesse Haworth, a Manchester textile manufacturer whose generosity ensured that the city’s University museum received a significant number of Petrie’s finds. The main strength of this material is that it comes from scientifically controlled excavations, rather than the open art…

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