Study Day 08/02/2014: Sons of Osiris – Men in Ancient Egypt

Acc. no. 5839. New Kingdom stela from Riqqeh.

Acc. no. 5839. New Kingdom stela from Riqqeh.

‘Sons of Osiris: Men in Ancient Egypt’

Saturday 8th February 2014

Kanaris Lecture Theatre, The Manchester Museum, Oxford Road, Manchester

A series of presentations examining the lives, roles, health and deaths of ancient Egyptian men. Presented by Egyptology Online in association with The Manchester Museum and the KNH Centre.

All tickets cost £30. Tea and coffee are provided at the breaks; lunch is not provided.

The programme for the event is as follows:

9.15 Registration: tea/coffee
9.45 Welcome and Introduction
10.00 Fathers and Sons: Gods and & Men in Ancient Egypt – Joyce Tyldesley
10.45 ‘Accident and Emergency’: Men’s Health –Roger Forshaw
11.15 Break
11.45 Grumpy Old Men: What did Ancient Egyptian Men Moan About? – Glenn Godenho
12.30 Is it a Man? – Bob Loynes
13.00 Lunch (please make own arrangements)
14.00 His Father’s Son: Khaemwese at Memphis and Elsewhere – Steven Snape
15.00 Break
15.30 The Two Brothers: Facts and Fantasies –Campbell Price
16.30 Conclusion

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