The Inspiration for Bram Stoker’s The Jewel of Seven Stars?

Bram Stoker’s inspiration in Manchester? My colleague Bryan Sitch discusses the evidence.

Ancient Worlds

Sheppard as highwayman

In earlier blog about a recent ACCES meeting at Manchester Museum I discussed the careers of two northern collectors of Egyptology with links to the North West. One was Aquila Dodgson. The other collector, Thomas Sheppard, was a larger-than-life character (seen holding up the local antiques shop in a cartoon above) who has been described as ‘one of the most successful museum curators of the first half of the 20th century’. Sheppard’s success in creating new museums in Hull was largely down to his collecting activities. He collected practically anything and everything during his 40 year career, including Egyptology. The reason for talking about him at a seminar about  Egyptology in the North West was an unexpected link to the Manchester mummy Ta-sheri-ankh brought to my attention by Campbell Price, Curator of Egypt and the Sudan at Manchester Museum.

Campbell told me that Ta-sheri-ankh came to Manchester Museum via Salford Museum, which had…

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