About Egypt at the Manchester Museum


The Manchester Museum houses over 18,000 objects from ancient Egypt and Sudan, making one of the largest collections in Britain and one with world-class holdings in a number of areas.

This blog provides updates on our activities, information on our objects, events, behind the scenes curatorial work, Museum policies that affect the Egyptian and Sudanese material, teaching and research links with the University. The Manchester Museum promotes discussion about its activities. Only posts that are excessively rude, offensive (e.g. racist) or defamatory will be excluded.

Campbell Price,

Curator of Egypt and the Sudan.

17 responses to “About Egypt at the Manchester Museum

  1. julia

    I am looking for any information you might have regarding the old PYRAMID theatre/ciname on Washway road in Sale Trafford Manchester. M33 7QY.

    I am doing research on the property as I have just taken over the lease and need to present my case to the conservation officer. Since it is a listed building I need to find out as much as I can about it.
    I have been to the local library and found that a Mr Peter Robinson did a project on the building earlier this year in Jan.?

    Please help
    Many thanks
    Julia Cassidy

  2. Julia,
    I did indeed do some research on the ‘Pyramid theatre’, which was presented at the Current Research in Egyptology conference, held at Manchester University in January 2008. There is an abstract for the paper on the CRE website (http://www.current-research-egyptology.org.uk/cre-9/cre-ix-abstracts.pdf). As yet, the paper is unpublished, though I do have notes and a presentation.

    Peter Robinson
    Poynton Egypt Group

  3. Hello … thanks for amazing info

  4. Julia

    Hallo, I`ve visited the Egyptian Museum recently and enjoyed the fine collection! I have downloaded the audio guide on some objects previously and think that it would be a good idea, if you could create more audio files, at least for the most important objects.

    Although I am informed of the future refurbishment work and knowing that many things will be updated, I would like to point out that the information panels referring to objects held in Berlin need to be corrected. Berlin, Neues Museum, should be stated as location.

    Kind regards, Julia

  5. Graham Chown

    my great uncle was an engineer in egypt and was involved in the contruction of the aswan dam and i have a number of pictures of the construction

  6. Robin Young

    It is beyond belief that I will likely be in Manchester, from halfway around the world, while the Egyptian galleries are bloody closed.

  7. Campbell@Manchester

    Hi Robin, we have a temporary exhibition called ‘Unearthed’ open until 6th of September which includes a lot of material from our former ‘Daily Life’ gallery. I would also be happy to arrange a tour of our stores, if you would like?

  8. Robin Young

    Thank you so much! Would you be so kind as to email me at my organization email which I don’t mind putting on the web, and I will reply from my private email so we can talk privately. info@arceoc.org. Thanks, Robin

  9. agnes wedderburn

    I would be Very Grateful to know whether any of the pre-dynastic egyptian ivories could have come from central saharan elephant (depicted in rock art of that area) ?

    • Campbell@Manchester

      A very good question, Agnes – I’m not sure. We hope to have an ivory expert come to look at another part of the collection soon, so I shall ask her!

  10. agnes wedderburn

    Thank you. I’d be grateful again if you could let me know what she says. It’s quite important to me. Agnes

  11. How would I go about obtaining permission to use one of your images in a study Bible to be released in 2013?

  12. Sam

    I am a primary school teacher in dorset teaching Ancient Egypt again this year. Last year we used your site – http://www.childrensuniversity.manchester.ac.uk/interactives/history/egypt/default.asp and it was a great resource. Where has it gone?!

  13. You have an interesting blog. I will visit from time to time

  14. Janine McGregor

    Hi – I have an 8 year old daughter who has been set a homework on Ancient Egypt so we thought we might visit the exhibit that you have. She has dyslexia so we were wondering how child-friendly the exhibit is – I don’t want to put her off visiting a museum if she finds the print too unwieldy.



  15. I am currently starting a new project at the school of art. I would like to know more about artefact 5 ‘Carved Head’ said to have been made by initiation in honour of their ancestors with spirits dwell in them. Please let me know or email me at holly.brown193@hotmail.com



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