Amelia B. Edwards – A Thousand Miles up the Nile

A super blog on Amelia Edwards, a key figure in the history of Manchester’s Egyptology collection

Stories from the Museum Floor

I have always loved books from the way they feel to how easily they can transport you to another world. This interest naturally led me to one of my favourite objects in the Museum collection, A Thousand Miles up the Nile (1877) by Amelia B. Edwards.

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I began working at the Museum in 2003, and during the early stages of this time the book was laid open in the Egyptian Gallery. I always wondered what the other pages might contain, which only added to the appeal of the book. So, I set about dispelling the air of mystery that surrounds this handsome looking woman.

Amelia Ann Blandford Edwards was born in London on the 7th June 1831. She was the daughter of a middle-aged couple; Alicia, an energetic and intellectual mother and Thomas, a retired army officer serving under Wellington in the Peninsular War, whom upon leaving the army became…

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One response to “Amelia B. Edwards – A Thousand Miles up the Nile

  1. Jennifer

    I am do happy to have come across your blog. I purchased an 1899 second edition of this book in a small used bookstore. I am reading it cover to cover and Amelia’s Occident perspective of Egypt is SO classic Victorian! And as a life-long student if Egypt and fan of Petrie and his impact on archaeologu, I had no idea who she was! It is quite a read!

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